Pinion Pins

Pinion Pins are a multi-use, industrial strength product that bind various fabrics or flexible materials together for storage, solutions, and security.
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#This package includes 1 Magnetic Key (NO PINS INCLUDED - PINS SOLD SEPARATELY).

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#Our product is much smaller, less intrusive, safer on the hands (can be handled by children), and made from higher quality materials.

#Pinion Pins utilizes the same technology that similar magnetic devices such as security tags use to create a strong, protective hold while not damaging the fabric.

#Pinion pins is the innovative new magnetic pinning system that allows you to attach materials together and have them stay fast.

#The Revolutionary Magnetic Pinning System Perfect for fastening Duvet Covers, Securing Furniture Slip Covers, Hanging Decorations, Pinning Curtains.......and more.

#our magnetic remover is specialized to interact only with this product. At a specialized Tesla level, the magnet is able to open the pin (normal magnets cannot).

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