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The Lone Stark

the Bastard Son of Valyria / I am a human being.
The Lone Stark
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Let's take obliviousness to new levels.

And Arthur wouldn't be dEaD! I'm still waiting on my Merlin return series BBC! << That would be hilarious. And yes Merlin return series!

"Once and future pain."

Once and future pain. John Hurt, the man in all fandoms who enjoys your tears. >>> this is great and everything, the Merlin commentary especially, but the real reason hurt doesn't change spelling is bc it's a verb.


Merlin, FanArt, Fan Art michellicopter: I don’t watch Merlin but it was on TV today and this is basically what I got from it. <- im basically pinning it for that comment

They got the memo.

It was such a shiver down the spine moment when the prologue changed from boy to man - Merlin <--- A piece of my heart died a little when I realized that he was growing up.

I love it when dashes do things.

What the majority of the fandom thinks about Merlin and Arthur 😂😂😂 THIS IS GOLD