Cadeirinha portátil para meninos e meninas, você pode levar na bolsa e usar em qualquer cadeira, na casa da vovó, da titia, da dinda, dos amigos...Para crianças de 6 meses a dois anos e pouco.. <br>Consulte cores.

Portable High Chair for boys and girls, you can carry in your purse and use on any seat in the house grandma, auntie, the dinda, friends . For children 6 months to two years and little . See <br> colors.

Cute hair bow / headband idea

If a little lady& outfit could use some special spunk, top it off with this fabulous piece of hair flair. Its vibrant ribbons will jazz up a dull day with playful pizzazz while taming tresses with ease.

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Fiocco nascita Marta, by Merceria dell'angolo, 20,00 € su

Fiocco nascita Marta, by Merceria dell'angolo, 20,00 € su

Easy way to make a bow

Tie a Bow: Cut length of ribbon; trim ends with pinking shears. Center larger ribbon on top of thin tying ribbon; larger ribbon should be on its side, forming a backward S-shape. Make sure loops are symmetrical. tie with smaller ribbon and fluff out bow

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Minnie Mouse Bow - Hot pink Minnie Mouse Bow - Darling Little Bow Shop