the four cards have different symbols on them and are labeled in green, white, and black
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Newborn Baby Sensory Black And White Flash Cards | 0-6 Months New Baby Gift | Development Sensory Toy

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Black and white baby sensory flash cards that are perfect for any new born baby - 10 card standard pack
Durable, Wipeable and Stimulating... making them the perfect newborn gift
::: GOOD ♥ TO ♥ KNOW :::
10 double-sided flashcards, designed for 0-6 months babies and will help in the following areas:
►entertaining and stimulating your baby
►improve eye tracking
►spending quality time together
►increasing curiosity
►improving focus/concentration
::: W H A T ' S ♥ I N C L U D E D :::
On the front - 10 high contrasting patterns on the front
On the back - 10 jungle animals on the back
♥♥ Or add 5 extra cards for £2; these introduce colour as your babies eye develop (and can be used to introduce first words) and also come with a 'congratulation' gift message and fact card - see the photo image ♥♥
::: P R O D U CT ♥ D E T A I L S :::
►UKCA/CE tested and approved for child safety
►10 Double-sided flashcards (or 15 for an extra £2)
►A6 in size
►Made from 350gsm card stock
►Rounded corners for safety
►Great reviews by parents
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