Apply foundation directly to the kabuki foundation brush (sold separately) then blend in circular motions from the center of the face outwards to apply the texture.    The result is precise, airy, and extremely refined.     
  Key Ingredients:       Pure 24karat gold: The signature ingredient in the Parure Gold Skin franchise, the hint of pure 24karat gold reveals the power of its incomparable radiance.     White Peony: White Peony petal extract acts on the key factors of youth, including skin barrier strengthening, hydration, and comfort.     White peony root extract – a genuine radiance revealer – makes it possible to obtain an incredibly even complexion and perfect skin texture.     Solar filters: Thanks to a naturalorigin mineral filter, Parure Gold Skin Matte acts as a real invisible Peony White, Apply Foundation, Peony Root, Gold Skin, White Peony, How To Apply Foundation, Skin Barrier, White Peonies, Skin Texture