two necklaces that say i'll never forget someone who gave me so much to memory
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This Beautiful Cremation Urn Necklace reads I'll never forget someone who gave me so much to remember. The small heart urn has an opening for you to insert your loved ones ashes. Rectangle pendant can be customized with a name, birth year, and at rest year.
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♥Name & Years
♥Urn is stainless steel and unscrews from the top.
💗When you get the item....The small urn charm has an opening for you to insert your loved one's ashes. A piece of paper can be used as a small funnel if your funeral home is not doing this for you. A tiny amount of ashes may be inserted. (***please be advised that the urn does not fill up with the ashes) Then you screw the urn back on making sure that there are no ashes in the threads. A tiny drop of glue may be used as well for extra security. Please wait 24 hours before wearing after using the glue to secure your urn charm.
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♥Key Rings - are Stainless steel rings
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