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Bright White with Bluish and Celeste Gray Striped Chambray Shirt - 15in / 38cm / XS / Full Sleeves

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Experience the epitome of style with our Bright White with Bluish and Celeste Gray striped shirt. The perfect fusion of elegance and charm. The vertical striped pattern adds a sophisticated touch to your ensemble. Make a fashion statement that's both fresh and timeless. Fused collar and cuffs, collar stand and flat felled side seams provide structure and stability to all our shirts. 100 % Premium Giza Cotton: Long staple, smother, resistant to pilling, greater resistance to abrasion and stretching, brighter and more precisely defined with a soft and silky texture and considerable resistance over time. Limited quantity, Seasonal collection. We change our fashion very frequently. Grab it before it disappears Chambray weave; This type of fabric is both fine and dense, and it is similar to denim in many ways. However, a different weaving pattern is used to make chambray, and as a result, this type of fabric is significantly lighter and more breathable than denim. Medium weight fabric. Made for all climates.
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