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Vintage 1955 Bright Pink Royal Quiet De Luxe Manual Typewriter via Etsy.

my ludite tendencies are showing through...

i WANT this! a pink pay phone. Even if it was a non-functioning phone, I don't care. I want it!

pink typewriter

I could be ever-so-much-more-creative if my laptop - including the keys -were this shade of pink. To-do lists would become poetry, responses to everyday e-mails would have the rhyme scheme of Keats!


Please pin only soft pink pins, everything with an other color will be removed!

I will have a turquoise typewriter one day

۞ ۩ Blue Royal typewriter I'm pretty sure my mom had one of these. Playing with it as a child, I messed up the ink roll more than onc

This pink Royal is JUST my type!

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