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L'acqua non oppone resistenza. L'acqua scorre. Quando immergi una mano nell'acqua senti solo una carezza. L'acqua non è un muro, non può fermarti. Va dove vuole andare e niente le si può opporre. L'acqua è paziente. L'acqua che gocciola consuma una pietra. Ricordatelo, bambina mia. Ricordati che per metà tu sei acqua. Se non puoi superare un ostacolo, giragli intorno. Come fa l'acqua.    Margaret Atwood

A realism and water reflections study started during the holidays of the amazing underwater pic "Calm Down" by ElenaKalis.

People think "beautiful" but I think "I finally found the girl with the sunshining out her ass that my friends keep telling me about!"

At times, she found peace writing her story in the Lake letting the water give her ideas.

a little ball of sunshine :)

pretty hair girl beautiful summer motivation dream body sun nature thinspiration amazing beach waves ocean sea sweet color Sunlight summer 2012 horizon note to self caught the sun.

underwater child photographer Houston, Texas photos of children swimming underwater photography #underwaterphotography

underwater child photographer Houston, Texas photos of children swimming underwater photography #underwaterphotography

Stunning Portrait Photography by Tom Hoops

Stunning Portrait Photography by Tom Hoops

Tom Hoops — photography - Self-taught English photographer Tom Hoops. His photography is characterized by the unconventional subjects, heavy use of black and white and a magnetic dark mood in every image.

I used to dream of having an underwater house and being able to breathe underwater so I could live in it like a mermaid.

Water on the Lens by Pinewood Studio

i used to have dreams about rooms filling up with water so i could swim. sometimes the dreams would cause the rooms to turn into zero-gravity chambers and i got to fly everywhere.


I call this "Blazing Fury", after the ride @ Dollywood. Cause it looks like "You've been kissin' on that steam engine!)(----- not sure what this is referring to but it's still a very beautiful picture

100% ART

Blurred umbrellas on a city street. Amazing and effective use of a slow shutter speed! It's an awesome artistic way to convey busy city life.

Sous les pavés...le ciel de Paris !

I think this one looks amazing because it captures the sky in the reflection of the puddle. And it's even better because the sky is the perfect blue for the color of the puddle!