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The Absolute Fastest Way to Charge Your Phone via ---> Before plugging in your Charger: Go to Settings & switch to AIRPLANE MODE!

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This is my iPhone, I used it to take quick photo's of locations and viewpoints to review at a later time with my group. This helped me research for our music video and without it would of made research a much more time consuming process.

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The many capabilities of smart phones still astound me. In my opinion it is one of the most impressive modern achievements. Like social media it contributes greatly to our culture in that we spend countless hours using them.

so i was just looking in the mirror to find i only out eyeliner on the top of my left eye this morning. shows how coordinated i am

ok hair, thanks for not working w me at all rn and not even looking semi-cute while in a messy bun

•ѕнe тaѕтed lιĸe advenтυre and нearтвreaĸ• @livylane

•ѕнe тaѕтed lιĸe advenтυre and нearтвreaĸ• @livylane

You need to go follow @juliaecalabro right now because her acc is literally goals and her 1D and 5sos boards are perfection

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