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Author Emily Grosvenor explains how she has constructed a Kickstarter campaign for her children's book, Tessalation!

Hurricane Sandy in a perfect Fibonnaci spiral.

Funny pictures about Fibonacci Hurricane. Oh, and cool pics about Fibonacci Hurricane. Also, Fibonacci Hurricane.

Student Graphs Batman Equation, Finds Bat Signal in Math Form. If I was a teacher, I'd so do this!

Funny pictures about The Batman Equation. Oh, and cool pics about The Batman Equation. Also, The Batman Equation photos.

Here at Http Creative , we are big supporters of exposing your mind and your creative muscles to different industries, different types of work and even different ways of thinking. This particular article caught our eye and we decided to share it with you because it showcases a series of paintings and talks about what we call "the modernization of traditional art".

Artificially intelligent painters invent new styles of art

Big stylistic shifts in art usually come from genius painters like Picasso – but an AI is being trained to create unconventional pictures of its own

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This is a fun way to combine math and art learning is one activity.

The Easy Way to Make Groovy Tessellations with Kids

Math Art Activity: Tessellations Math Art is a great way to combine subjects. Be creative!