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Goku super saiyan Blue kaioken by BardockSonic


Dragon Ball Z Photo: dbz funny truth

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Limit Breaker Goku is sooo badass!

Super Saiyan 1-4...and now there's a level above that...poor Vegeta

Super Saiyan now there's a level above that.poor Vegeta<-----vegeta skipped and went and SSJB

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Ok the first few I know and then it gets to Piccolo and Gohan's age difference and then freakin how Cell is the only enemy Goku has not bitten so wtf DBZ

Videogame Battle!

23 Hilarious Dragon Ball Z Memes

lol Son Goku and Vegeta playing a video game and Vegeta finally beat Goku comic Super Saiyans

Dragonball Z

30 day anime challange, day 10 - your favourite fighter anime? I'm not really into fighter animes to tell the truth but I did watch Dragon Balls and part of Dragon Ball Z, like everyone else.

SPAM- Snack by CaptainJaneHook

Bulma, Chi Chi, Vegeta and Trunks- Snack by CaptainJaneHook

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