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Ib is an indie horror game where she goes to the art museum with her parents. When she comes across this painting called 'Fabricated World' the lights turn off and everyone inside the museum vanishes. While she tries to find her way out she meets stranger

Kawaii chibi wolfs

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Read manga Ib - 4-koma Compilation (Doujinshi) Ch.001: strips from 001 to 012 online in high quality

Read manga Ib - Compilation (Doujinshi) strips from 001 to 012 online in high quality


I love how they are all blending into a painting, especially the milk puzzle under Ib, like when they return to the world through the painting at the end. But it is a little sad to see Mary emerging and flames beside her.

I always wondered what would have happened if they did this! I guess I'm not the only one! xD

I don't speak a word of Japanese (nor read one), but I get the gist, and it's funny - RPG Ib

Same but I'm still a bit squeamish about him being with her, even if it is when she is old enough, I kinda prefer Garry as being an older brother figure.

Ib, I feel like this was going to happen cause it said slap him again and stuff, I remember holding my cheek!

I would have totally made those choices if that was in the actually game Ib XD FINISH HIM!