Portuguese Street artist 'Bordalo Segundo' transforms trash into 3D animal portraits  http://designwrld.com/street-artist-transforms-trash-into-art/ ♥≻★≺♥

Portuguese street artist transforms trash into giant 3D animal portraits

Bordalo II is now in Northern Europe where he just finished working on a brand new piece entitled “Froehlicher Tucan.” The Portuguese artist gathered local trash and found materials to create another unique and innovative piece.

Bel colpo

Gaston Lagaffe - rue des Fripiers - Brussels hahaha walking down the street and seeing something like this will most definitely make my day!

.::• Street Art •::. Call Parade on the Streets of São Paulo   Photo by Mariane Borgomani / Wally Gobetz, artist unknown www.sindustrysurf.com

Call Parade on the Streets of São Paulo Photo by Mariane Borgomani / Wally Gobetz, artist unknown

Source : A-Fresco

Entre ses mains, les villes françaises retrouvent couleurs et fantaisie ! 22 fresques magnifiques.

street art realistic fake facades patrick commecy 700 French artist transforms blank walls into vibrant scenes Photos)

The problem of human’s attitude and unacceptable behavior found its expression in different kinds of art including the so called urban as well. A Portuguese young artist creates incredible 3D masterpieces using the trash he finds in the streets of the cities. With the help of this remarkable …

Portuguese street artist Bordalo II (previously featured here) just created the biggest hedgehog we’ve ever seen.

Street Art Made From Trash and Found Objects


Artist Bordalo II Brings Trash and Found Objects to Life on the Streets of Lisbon trash street art installation insects animals

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Bee by Louis Masai in London /reminds me of the cop tv programme 'Hill street Blue's ' with memorable catchphrase from the precinct sgt's briefing of cops , he always said at the end of his briefings ''Hey = Let's BEE careful out there !