The Nolitan / Grzywinski + Pons

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Thomas Phifer the Salt Point House New York, USA. In brilliant daylight, the house has an ethereal presence, its edges seemingly dissolving into the surrounding forested landscape

Built by Thomas Phifer in Salt Point, United States with date Images by Scott Frances. In brilliant daylight, the Salt Point House has an ethereal presence as elusive and weightless as a mirage, its edges.

The Nolitan / Grzywinski + Pons

The Nolitan / Grzywinski + Pons

Located at the corner of Kenmare and Elizabeth Streets, The Nolitan Hotel is the first boutique hotel to grace Nolita – one of the most endearing and authentic neighborhoods in New York City. The Nolitan offers guests much more than luxurious design.

Pastel Block

Se você ama arquitetura, aqui vão fotos incríveis de fachadas coloridas, dignas de eyegasms


Image 3 of 30 from gallery of Olivia Balmes Hotel / Álex Ibáñez Walter, Sara Galmán Gracia. Photograph by Enrique Armisén

Yamaha Ginza    Architects: Nikken Sekkei LTD / HOZUMA CHINO+HIROYUKI SHIRAI+TAKEYOSHI SUZUKI    Location: Tokyo, Japan    Project year: 2006 – 2010

Yamaha Ginza / Nikken Sekkei

a bit chaotic, if the neighbor buildings had a very simple facade this could be very different but now just added to the disorganization in my idea. Yamaha Corporation (Ginza, Tokyo, Japan) by Nikken Sekkei.

Void cut out of building facade. Norwegian architects add pixelated tower to Oslo’s waterfront Barcode Project.

The architects from Aedas designed a building in Hog Kong which includes housing, offices, retail spaces and a car park. The facade is customized with suspended planters which purify the air and also have a greening effect on the neighborhood.:

Landscaping and architecture go hand in hand in 18 Kowloon East by Aedas (Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, China).