taylor swift by bows and curtseys

Bows and Curtseys.Mad About Makeup: Why you gotta be so mean? *Taylor Swift Inspired Look*

Taylor Swift inspired makeup look

Taylor Swift inspired makeup look

Pink haze eyeshadow

ES: MAC – trax sketch…Sunset Sleek palette (soft reddish color)…Deborah - Trio Hi-Tech Eye Shadow - Truly Diva 2 (light pink color).

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DIY Rose Gold Eye Shadow - Want that perfect rose gold eye shadow that's on the lids of red carpet beauties like Diane Kruger? A smart combo of cream and powder shadow will create the perfect rose gold look!

Learns the ins and outs of Taylor's signature looks and good makeup tricks in our tutorial on how to do eye make up for small eyes like Taylor Swift!

How To Do Good Eye Makeup For Small Eyes Like Taylor Swift

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