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Revs Digital Library: Monza 1000 km 1966 No 58 - Sergio Morando/Gianni Varese Abarth 1300OT, finished 16th - pit stop in rain

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria arrives at the city hall on the day of his assassination, 28 June 1914

Girl Scouts collecting peach pits during World War I, which were ground up and used to filter soldiers' gas masks.

Girl Scouts at 100: Courage, character... and cookies

Girl Scouts collecting peach seeds during WWI. The oil from the seed was used for war industries. Undated Photo, Ca [[MORE]] texanwill: “Corbis Images photo ”

7.) A police officer on a Harley-Davidson transports a prisoner in a holding cell (1921).

Police officer on a Harley & an old fashioned mobile holding cell 1921

Un piccione munito di una macchina fotografica per fare indagini via aerea, Francia, 1910.

From pigeons were fitted with cameras to take aerial photos, by Boyer / Roger Viollet / Getty images

Selección de fotografías sobre la Primera Guerra MundialLa llamada también Gran Guerra estalló en 1914, entre los imperios europeos que se disputaban colonias y semicolonias en el mundo. Se enfrentaron dos bloques: la Triple Alianza (Alemania, Imperio Austro-Hungaro, Italia) y la Triple Entente (Inglaterra, Francia y Rusia). En 1917, Rusia se retiró de la Entente y entraron Italia y Estados Unidos.El asesinato del príncipe austriaco Francisco Fernando (28-6-1914) en Sarajevo...

scrapironflotilla: “Defence of Hinges Ridge. Men of Division in a shell hole near Locon which they have made into a rifle pit, 10 April 1918 ”

In the civilian world, ambulances were being based out of hospitals ...

1918 Ford Model T Ambulance. During World War I, before the arrival of U. Army, some charitable organizations offered ambulances.

Max Immelmann (1890 – 1916) was the first German WW1 flying ace. He was a great pioneer in fighter aviation  He was the first aviator to win the Pour le Merite. His name has become attached to a common flying tactic, the Immelmann turn, and remains a byword in aviation. He is credited with 15 aerial victories. Immelman was shot down in 1916 by a British fighter piloted by Second Lieutenant G.R. McCubbin with Corporal J. H. Waller as the gunner/observer.

Max Immelmann September 1890 – 18 June PLM was the first German World War I flying He was a great pioneer in fighter aviation and was the first aviator to win the Pour le Mérite, and was awarded it at the same time as Oswald Boelcke.

The Battle of the Marne was a First World War battle fought from 5–12 September 1914.

French infantry charging during the Battle of the Marne, September, 1914

Alfred von Schlieffen

This is Alfred Von Schlieffen. He created a plan for Germany to invade France through Belgium.

Musée de la Grande Guerre - 2011

Musée de la Grande Guerre - 2011

Photos from May, 2013 | EUCOM, Stronger Together

The Battle of Belleau Wood not forgotten by U. Marines and French soldiers on Memorial Day > Marine Corps Forces Europe > News Article Display

A German Hannover CL III shot down on Oct. 4, 1918, by American machine gunners in the Argonne.

A German Hannover CL IIIa plane brought down in the Argonne by American machine gunners, between Montfaucon and Cierges, France, on 4 October