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Il y a la bonne et il y a la méchante 500. There's the good and there's the bad 500. Há o bom e há o mau 500.

Fiat 500 Black Jack Reveal Your Dark Side Black Bear in White Polar Bear Suit May 2013

Advertising concept by Marco Sodano.

Art and LEGO – Advertising concepts by Marco Sodano

Italian artist Marco Sodano recreated classic paintings like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in Lego form by reducing the paintings to mere pixels. It’s interesting to realize that we need very little visual information to recognize these paintings as such.

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Sony Earphone - Hello, Mozart advertising campaign and the success story at afaqs! Creative Showcase with other related Creatives by Sony Earphone and the people behind it.

BALANCE. The large mass of negative space at the top is balanced by the positive space (filled with water etc.) at the bottom  Creative Advertising

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Knorr introduced its fish cubes to enrich the taste in for example soup. These so called fish bouillon cubes are used in the amazing print advertisement created in The cube crafts the shape of a fish while it is dropped in the water.

100 publicités créatives d'Octobre 2014 - #Olybop

Mini Connected: Tape While others play playlists the Mini is its own soundtrack to expand on the grip-tastic road experience brand promise

interesting example of dominance..

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For any advertising campaign to stand out from the crowd, a little bit of creativity is needed. Every company aims for an advert that will arose people's curiosity, one that will get consumer to look at it a second or even third time. There are many techniques used and the most wondrous of them is the optical illusion which...

Guerrilla Marketing Papa Johns Pizza I almost could go either way with this one. It's funny and memorable. But because it blocks the actually view and the door would have to be opened to see who was there, it could backfire and be dangerous.