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All Lamia Witches have a crescent shaped birthmark at the base of their neck. These birthmarks vary in size and, sometimes, color.

La dama del paso: Entrevista en el blog de Beka October

" She grabbed his arm, her hand coming up to touch his face." He kissed her, murmuring, "I promise." She lowered her hand to his chest, feeling his strong heartbeat. "Do not break that promise.

The robbers forced her for her carriage, holding her a sword point while they looted her trunks. Their leader smiled coldly at her and bowed in mockery. He took a single step towards her and she felt dirty suddenly. His eyes consumed her.

Katie McGrath sword weapon knife point danger medieval past history merlin morganna girl dark brown black hair

"You're going to regret this!" I screamed, "You're going to regret this when I come back and kill you!"

Right after the sun witch from saturn attacked james. Alexas only friend.

Lucy Griffiths as Maid Marian BBC's Robin Hood

Caleb had told her she was a fighter! She felt weak and helpless. The fighter had no fight left.

OUTLANDER Arisaid, Earasaid, Clair's Arasaid

Just like the earasaid worn in OUTLANDER The Series! This is the same premium wool tartan fabric, woven by the same weaver in Scotland, as the tartan used in the making of OUTLANDER The Series. Now you can wear your very own OUTLANDER earasaid!