The Kiss by Andre Kohn, Figurative Impressionist Painter, Russian Impressionist Painter

André Kohn

Impressionist artwork by Andre Kohn and other internationally recognized artists. Figurative oil paintings, drawings, sculpture and oversized paintings.

Andre Kohn  The City Gal

*Painting - "The City Gal" by Andre Kohn You can learn a lot from this type of painting. just look at the patchwork of colors that create an image like ink pixels or dots on a printed piece of paper.

"Amateur" - Andre Kohn, oil palette knife {contemporary #impressionist art male camera standing boy #impasto painting}

Amateur by Andre Kohn (Russian-born Figurative Impressionist, Oil on canvas

Day Off - oil painting by Andre Kohn. ~ like the rich texture (looks like liberal use of the putty knife in lieu of brush)

Andre Kohn - The City Gal Series

Galleries in Carmel and Palm Desert California - Jones & Terwilliger Galleries -Andre Kohn - "The City Gal"