Shohei Otomo's Delinquents

Ballpoint pen drawings by Japanese artist Shohei Hakuchi capture an interesting mash-up of Japanese and American pop culture images and mind-blowing detail.

Luchas  Rafahu illustrations

Illustration for the anniversary of the death of legendary Mexican wrestler BlueDemon. The intent of the illustration is to highlight the relationship between Alexander Munoz (Blue Demon) and his son, Blue Demon Jr.

I love the idea of him being found by the Jade sisters in a trailer park, all rednecked up, but oozing with magic

Trailer Park Fae by Dan dos Santos

「スキ~だ~!」/「ポ~ン(出水ぽすか)」のイラスト [pixiv]

「スキ~だ~!」/「ポ~ン(出水ぽすか)」のイラスト [pixiv]

猫将軍 - 山田視覚芸術研究室 / シュルレアリスムとアヴァンギャルド

Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Diamond Embroidery Beauty Square Full Dill Home Decoration Diy Diamond Mosaic Resin Girls

Juxtapoz Magazine - The Ballpoint Pen Illustrations of Shohei Otomo

The Ballpoint Pen Illustrations of Shohei Otomo