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Pugs and bed clothing? Makes you feel like you didn't have to get out of bed today, doesn't it?

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Out of all my gifts this was my favourite one my new baby pug looks just like this thank you mum and dad xxxxxx

A pink and black hat for a PUG! My daughter LOVES pugs, I saw this and had to pin it.

Dog Hat Custom Stocking Cap by jessicalynneart on Etsy, so cute, love pugs!


The Pug is a small dog with a wrinkled face, short legs and barrel chest. In addition to being one of the world's most physically distinctive dogs, the Pug is also well loved for its charismatic personality and effortless charm.

This just makes me laugh

The 8 Funniest Dog Reactions Ever!

Dainty paws.  Sloppy paws.

{Olive & Razzy} pocket full of pretty's pugs I love pugs!