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Torre del Oro - Sevilla, España

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Sevilla, Spain.Mi ciudad

More than 2000 years old, SEVILLE, is one of SOUTHERN SPAIN'S most beautiful cities. 'Romantic', 'flamboyant', 'intriguing' & 'embracing' are all words that have been used to describe Seville. One thing is for certain both in Seville itself & in the nea

Torre del Oro - Seville Spain

The Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold) is a historic watchtower that was built in the early thirteenth century by the Almohades, who ruled over Andalusia.

I've already been there - Pisa

Our hotel was in Florence so we took a side trip to Pisa. Caught a tour bus and spent the day in Pisa.

The Alhambra Mirador de San Nicolas Albayzin City Granada AndalusiaEl, Spain

Stock photo of The Alhambra (La Alhambra) a Moorish citadel and palace (designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in back dropped by the snow capped Sierra Nevada mountain range seen from Mirador de San Nicolas in the Albayzin district at sunset, Cit

Sevilla - Andalusien                                                       …

Yes, I`ve really been there in the tower! Giralda Tower, Seville, Spain Me encantó estar allí en el torre!

Plaza de Espana, Seville, Spain.

Plaza de España, Seville, Spain We're gonna visit beautiful squares and parks. we're gonna walk charming historic quarters, and we're gonna have tapas, of course! We're gonne see the ancient and the modern sides of Seville.

Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia, Spain - is a cathedral still under construction in Barcelona. Work on the cathedral started in 1882 and Gaudi himself worked on it for 40 years, 15 of which he dedicated exclusively to it, until his death in