Polish designer Bashko Trybek created 'serpent', a modular shelving system that uses four vivid zigzagging wires as support its wooden planks. since each piece stands alone, the structure becomes adjustable, allowing users to decide on the length, height, and space between the shelves

The Serpent by Bashko Trybek is an interesting modular shelving system that will let you adapt your shelves to your storing needs. The Serpent shelving


A free standing shelving unit achieves a minimal look, which is honest to its materials and usage. Adjustable and flat packable characteristics encourage easy living, which, true to the brand, distill the design to a functional but basic form.


Libreria Romboidale design by Pietro Russo is one of the more genius and well-designed room dividers i’ve ever seen.

kazu721010:  Floor-To-Ceiling Shelf & Space Divider / Pietro Russo Design Studio

Contemporary Room Divider - Pietro Russo Design Studio have created a floor-to-ceiling shelf that also acts as a space divider.


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Book Storage. 2014. These are nice in retail settings, promotional displays, or trading shows. Visual. Related. Internet.

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A remanier pour faire une "partition" sur roulettes The lack of space for books is so astonishing that I cannot in good conscience call it a bookshelf, but it is an innovative and attractive decoration. Perhaps a room divider or window screen of sorts.

men sole | For m | Viabizzuno progettiamo la luce Light and Build '14

Viabizzuno draws together passion, tradition, expertise, experience, innovation and research in order to fully express its way of making light.

Limit è una libreria divisorio modulare per adattarsi alle esigenze abitative

The modular Limit by Alp Nuhoğlu satisfies three S's of space-saving interior design - storage, separation, sculpture. It consists of open cubes that