I can see it in the first episode of season Crowley:Here take this.Dean:What the hell is this? Crowley:It's a present. All my demons wear one.*Shows matching bracelet on wrist*


Brothers + "Tall Tales"] \\ ''Inside Man''] P. In the pic thou Sam totally looked as if he wanted to laugh.Like you know he was just so happy at Dean wanting to behave like a jerk like the pre-mark days XD

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This was such a sad moment. Dean: You know he (Lucifer) isn't real right? Sam: He says the same thing about you.

You tell me who he loves more: it'd be easy to say it's Cas, because there's more hurt on his face. But however I don't think it is that easy. I venture to say that with Ben and Lisa there's also confusion. He doesn't know who he should be pissed off at more, himself or at this point Cas (for knowing that he's been working with Crowley). So it's a mix of emotions in the Lisa & Ben one. I suppose that means the bottom one is clearer? There's more hurt and grief, still yet there's confusion...

I believe there are a few stray tears thrown in there when Dean loses Cas.

If you haven't seen the gag reel of season 10, watch it! Watch it now! It's brilliant and so funny!

If you haven't seen the gag reel of season watch it! It's brilliant and so funny!

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The Supernatural cast they didnt even pick the most ridicules pic of jensen 😂