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this is so true. I think this has actually happened at my house. @mendesshawn @CameronDaIlas @INashGrier @hayesgrier @OfficialCarterR @jackgilinsky @ACarpenterr @canifftaylor

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I would punch my dad and say the same thing. There is something else I would say is stop yelling at the tv dad.


the rest of of my family prays to the heavens - oh god save us, I don't wanna send her back to the asylum 🙏😭

It never happens because whenever I am with my dad in the car,  Shawn never comes on the radio!! :/  Does it happen to you?? I would be glad to hear your answers!! ^-^ @shawnmarryme

"There's nothing holding me back" isn't the only Shawn Mendes song that's played on the radio