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OpIcarus: Anonymous crusade against the sick banking industry http://securityaffairs.co/wordpress/47327/hacktivism/opicarus-anonymous.html #securityaffairs #OpIcarus #Anonymous #banks

Anonymous, BannedOffline group and Ghost Squad are still conducting short term cyber attacks on banking sites around the world --- Here is an update of the

US financial industry moves under a rising wave of CyberattacksSecurity Affairs

Crooks have stolen from UK bank accounts with the Dridex banking trojan

The Role of Technology in Banking Industry

RSA Security’s FraudAction team released a report on Pandemiya, a new banking Trojan being sold in hacker forums as an alternative to the popular Zeus.

Operation Emmental, a sophisticated campaign which is targeting banking industry

Trend Micro has discovered a malicious campaign named Operation Emmental, which is targeting online banking systems of financial institutions worldwide.

Pieces of advice that were probably wrong in the first place. #careertips  http://www.edarabia.com/89859/6-career-tips-put-shredder/

Dubai, UAE: Fortes Education, a leading education provider, is introducing the BTEC qualification for the first time at its newest school, Sunmarke School.

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brand, ideas, story, style, my life: Strategi Miliki Rumah Sebelum Usia 30 Tahun.

Έκθεση: Γερμανικά ΑΤΜ τραπεζών ευάλωτα σε χάκερ

According to the malware researchers at FireEye Labs Suceful is the first multi-vendor ATM malware threatening the banking industry.

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Cybercrime: African countries need a defense

Africa ’s banking industry, tourism sector and plenty of other businesses are prone to cyber-related crime hence the urgent need to develop a defense system

Dyreza banking Trojan uses browser hooking to defeat SSL

Security experts at CSIS in Denmark have discovered a new piece of banking malware, dubbed Dyreza, which implements browser hooking to defeat SSL.

Sophisticated Phishing is targeting French-Speaking banking users

A very sophisticated phishing campaign has been discovered by Malcovery Security, it targets French-speaking computer users to steal banking credentials.

View from McLeod Road: Why the Sino-Pak alliance is economically worthless  By Farooq TirmiziPublished: May 22, 2013

Custodial death: 11 policemen charged with torture, killing – The Express Tribune