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Yato as a child

Noragami (ノラガミ)

Noragami ~~ The Trio Yato, Hiyori and Yukine


Loved when hiyori went ballistic on yato Noragami


anime, yukine, and yato image

Hiyori | Noragami

Hiyori | Noragami

Noragami: Hey Kids! by MousyM on DeviantArt

Noragami - I like that Yato is looking at Hiyori and she is balancing like the cat in front of her. I always saw her as a cat phantom by the tail and she can smell other gods (specially Yato)

So cute Yato

So cute Yato

Takeru Noragami, Yato (Noragami), Yukine (Noragami), Hand In Pocket, Fur

Noragami|-Yato and Yukine

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He's soooo cuuutteeee!