Swamp Dweller by Andy Brase

The Swamp Dweller pencil version copyright Andy Brase Here's the full pencil version of "The Swamp Dweller". My own spin on the familiar jedi master I h.

Way cool Swamp Dweller- Ink by andybrase.deviantart.com

Swamp Dweller: Ink version: all traditional ink line art: Andy Brase:

BEAUTIFUL WORK BY ANDY BRASE!!  Neil Gaiman cover: Pencil by andybrase on deviantART

Beetle in a Box at The End of Time Cover for Neil Gaiman story copyright Andy Brase Here's the stripped down pencil/ rough sketch version.

Hellboy: Egyptian Ruins-- Ink line art with a spot color-- One of my drawings paying tribute to Mike Mignola's Hellboy-- Andy Brase-- https://www.facebook.com/AndyBraseArt

Hellboy: Egyptian Ruins commission art by Andy Brase Hellboy is one of Brase's favourite comic books. This specific piece has never been used on an official project.


Anastasia's Collectibles Exclusive 'Penny for Your Soul' Cover Drawn November 2013

Andy Brase - Google+

INK only (slightly bigger) version of my Swamp Thing 19 cover (DC), for those that wanted to see it. This is all traditional ink line art, no digital. Swamp Thing INK only

Grimm Fairy Tales Pencil Drawing by kromespawn - Grimm Fairy Tales Cover by Kromespawn


Detail of original ink (art cropped) character illustration/ design for my own project