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Shogun TK

Robots and stuff (but mostly robots), jooky: samurai by toybot studios on…

Zaldy Serrano さんの Vizjhanti: Inspirations for Brand Concept + Tone ボー…

Zaldy Serrano さんの Vizjhanti: Inspirations for

Dishonored 2 Concept Art - Clockwork Soldier

This robot would have been made in a weapons development lab because of all the swords that are on it. also the core inside it makes it seem that this robot is rather advanced and its slim appearance makes it seem like it can be rather stealthy.

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I guess I haven't posted any here, so this will be the first. I also have been into scale figures and customizing them for about 5 years now I think. This rabbit inspired mecha isn't my first custom (I'll post those soon) but it's one of my favorites.