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I want him to come back and be the good guy I was sad when he died

I want him to come back and be the good guy I was sad when Peter Pan died

Peter+Pan+Imagine//+okay+so+I+forgot+to+add+in+that+Wendy+was+slowly+dying+on+the+floor+due+to+the+loss+of+her+heart-lol I like how in this imagine he's like "you little bitch" ( I totally read it in his voice while reading it in my head)and immediately rips her heart out and just shoves into your body

Idk I don't think it's a good idea that Wendy's heart would be in 'me'

Da wink

From Your Tower ➛ OUAT - Chapter 7

Read Chapter 7 from the story From Your Tower ➛ OUAT by neverlandic (n) with reads.

Oh really, you don't think I am absolutely gorgeous? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you Robbie Kay!

Robbie Kay (Peter Pan) from OUAT << This boy is evil. I hate him, and Peter Pan was always my favorite Disney character.but I love because he's PETER PAN but his evilness can be sexy too and ahhhhhhhhhh spoilers aaaaahhhhhhh

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Look, it's a family reunion. Great grandfather in child form, Grandpa off to the side in Pandora's box, Father back from the dead, and Son about to be tricked into dying by his great grandfather. Just one big normal OUAT family!