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.Let it be what it is. Then reach for what feels best in that moment....

Vibrational Manifestation - Acceptance, Law of Attraction, Positive, Time - Abraham Hicks - My long term illness is finally going away, and I think I might have found the love of my life.

If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone. - Maxwell Maltz.  This is precious! MH


"If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone" - Maxwell Maltz Love the little boy on the picture as well!

The Law of Attraction education - this is an awesome info graphic on the fundamentals of the law of attraction.    Tapping Into The LAW OF ATTRACTION Helped Me Earn Over $155K In 12 Months Using This Simple 3-Step Online System here:  http://iwritemypaych

Law of attraction- Create the life you want to have with "Unlimited Abundance". Great clarity to help the process of manifesting our desires, LOA.

Light - Art by Alice Popkorn

My spiritual Temple is within, whenever I seek outwardly for fulfillment I am…

So this note was mysteriously posted in our office today... It's definitely a nice message & much needed reminder. Everyone vents & everyone complains as it helps to make one feel better; however, get in the habit of having some discretion. Not everyone wants to hear complaints on a regular basis.

You can't live a positive life with a negative mind! Go 24 hours without complaining (not even once - not even about the weather). Then watch how your life starts changing! Quote-Stop-complaining.