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Reality in Dreaming [Bill Cipher x Reader]

Reality in Dreaming [Bill Cipher x Reader]

Read Chapter The Hospital {Edited} from the story Blondie(Human Bill Cipher X Reader) by MKenn_fangirl (Book Lover) with reads.

Dipper in the future

Me:hey Dipper! Dipper:o-oh hey Angel! Dipper:*blushes* yeah me too! *me and dipper continue talking* (Open rp!

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Karaoke scene in "Second Star to the Right" [link] (fanfic by MadiYasha) I’m running out of time so the background is kinda simple… Teenage Dream

Awww dipper is so cute! I actually believe Dipper would do that for his sis. Cite sibling moment.

ok probs the last thing i’ll do for the beloved noshortsau for awhile but had to draw some dorks not actually going to spring formal together.// Awww dipper is so cute!

Art by Kivakivaa on Tumblr

Gravity Falls - Mabel Pines x Pacifica Northwest - Mabifica

Why nobody questioned Dipper's weirdness by modmad on tumblr<---- I like this but I also think that they weren't able to see his eyes and hear Bill's voice like we could

I had wondered why they didn’t notice the abnormalities, but this actually makes a lot of sense!

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