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She sunk Arkos, she is the true villain

Well these are true but she killed The Arkos ship, true evil.

They would soooo do that.ya know.if they werent fighting a war and Yang's arm wasn't missing and if Blake hadn't been stabbed and Cinder didn't get the Fall Maiden's powers and omFG THE SEASON FINALE IS TOMORROW!

How to Tame Your Yang by roukaryu on DeviantArt

A RWBY fancomic about Yang's semblance/rage mode. Using more dragon-related references to Yang since her last name, Long, is Chinese for "dragon". How to Tame Your Yang

HOKAY, where shall we begin with this nonsense? Taiyang did not "let" Ruby run away. Ruby chose to run away. Kali had NO IDEA that the White Fang had devolved into a terrorist organization, had NO IDEA that Adam was Blake's boyfriend, and NO IDEA that he was abusing her. Raven is a dick, but at least she abandoned Yang instead of bringing her up in the cult. Schnee LITERALLY FUCKING ABUSES WEISS. Who the hell even made this.

RWBY parents

I don't understand why this is trying to trash some parents while puting Jaques in a pedestal when they are all fairly good parents except for Raven since she doesn't even try

I wish that's what went down....

What is it Blake? Are you not feline well? Should I call a purramedic?

*Scarlet screaming*

*Scarlet screaming*

Rwby Red, Achievement Hunter, Red Vs Blue, Rooster Teeth, Scarlet, Meme, Memes Humor

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The School life of a Useless Lesbian

The School Life of a Useless Lesbian. RWBY images on Know Your Meme!

RWBY - poor Penny, she doesn't even know how to process Qrow

RWBY - poor Penny, she doesn't even know how to process the dead robot.