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Lmaoo, i do this, but completely sober. I try to f*ck with future hailey as much as possible

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I noticed this right off the bat. I was like "OK, he's going to help him up, classic rivalry put to the side for comfort. I smell a ship sailing~"

I will kill you if provoked lol

the singns as anime tropes very smart + glasses white hair very cutesy, but will kill you when given a reason to quiet + beatiful + has a horrifying backstory

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Let’s talk Voltron Theories Part Relationships art work by kerolunaticat Okay so to start with, I want to begin by saying I’m going to break this down into sections, because Relationships means.

pretty fucking annoying, klance, but y'all are cute too

pretty fucking annoying, klance<<<<I do not ship it but this is funny


Hahaha <<< although it does piss me off that it became slang because I talk about death a lot and now I get that EVERY TIME

tag yourself im red

Red seriously started attacking like crazy when Keith was passed out on the ground inside the Marmora HQ