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aprons and birds: un día en andalucía

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Woooow Stunning ♡♡♡ Van cleef

The quatrefoil design has inspired designers for thousands of years, including those at the The House Of Van Cleef Arpels, who created their iconic "Alhambra" design in the

Golden Pink Cottage ~ Debbie ❤

Sabrina - she feels the mirror and comb singing to herself she lets her maids play with her hair and makeup. She had finished unpacking and hears something drop she turns and asks the maids what happened. "It's one of the princes lady Sabrina

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The cup into which the tea was poured was slightly cracked down the side and…

I'm still searching and searching for the most beautiful one! <3 X JoyceCeline

I'm still searching and searching for the most beautiful one! X JoyceCeline< hand mirror

these violent delights

his mind awoke to relieving visions of dawn yet his heart breathed with eerie spaces in shadows of memory

To whatever end

She picks up the carved mirror and stares at its delicate framing around the fragile glass. Her reflection stares back at her, a girl, with long wavy dark brown hair and the deepest chocolate eyes one could ever see.

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This lovely half crown tiara is adorned with a gold design and creamy roses. Would make an excellent prop for a little royal princess!

24K Gold Dipped Rose - Urban Outfitters

Gold Dipped Rose - Urban Outfitters Why buy a gold dipped rose from Urban outfitters when you turn any rose you touch into gold. This is what happened to king Midas.


Sturzflug ins Nirgendwo This picture has everything I love: huge sweater, little lights around and a teddy bear. Yes, teddy bears are always awesome.