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Fourth of July Celebration, Jet Fighter Planes passing over a vintage train,


"Pipe Train" by Luis Melo - Am I the only one who also thinks this looks like the Infernal Train from "Alice: Madness Returns"? Or am I just that much of a nerd?

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Can anyone tell me more about this beautiful image? It is called "train silhouette" on Shutterstock. A cursory web search reveals that it is claimed to be the Orient Express and a Mexican railroad.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies. Succeed anyway. -Mother Teresa #TheJohnGaltLine

Worn Out Souls: A Story of Synchronicity

*Canadian Pacific Railway - My Dad and Granddad were railroad engineers - Love trains.

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Train Graveyard, Belgium Rusted and with its paint all but peeled away, this train lies abandoned in a train yard in Belgium. it looks like it might have been quite smart looking in its day.

This weekend we are going to take the original Orient Express for the full run from Paris to Istanbul. No doubt you will encounter couture fashion, grand style, amazing landscapes, luscious food but you might also stumble onto an illicit romance, haunting intrigue or a cold blooded murder!

Stunning Train Images Evoke Feelings of Nostalgia - My Modern Metropolis

Alameda Bound By William S. Phillips

Train and plane - what a find! Snap it, Tag it, Share it. And Make Money…