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Purdy by LotusLostInParis

I low-key really liked how he came out so here he is alone :> Art © Character © Warrior Cats/ Erin Hunter Purdy

Peggy by reddjazz

I'll probably make them an oc but rn I'll just name them Peggy.

Ashfur. by on @DeviantArt

doodle of my fav warrior cat unf (i don't own warriors/ashfur) Ashfur.

Firestar by on @DeviantArt

I'm doing the 100 warrior cats challenge so I drew Firestar! I really liked him when he was an apprentice and a warrior And i'm pretty proud of ho.

Weird pairs ^_^

eclipseheart, hawkstorm, moon that shines depest from the heart, sunheart and spottedstorm (future leaders of the clans)