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You can't fight the ship!

Chara Took Control,Killed Everyone,And Just RESET and repeated the process over,and over again. Somehow Frisk and Chara h.

I don't ship charaxfrisk but this is funny

Burst with excitement!

chara X frisk - cap 12:como podría olvidarte?? - Wattpad

chara X frisk (pausada) - cap 12:como podría olvidarte??

chara X frisk - cap podría olvidarte?

Chara: FUCK ME,KITTEN. Frisk: I'm so gay right now. Asriel: *dead* Artist-chan: wish I was this hot if I were a guy,but I approve. ---- Day 4

Drown in the holy glory of this rare sketch of Kitten wearing the sexiest skating outfit EVER in the anime(Not gonna lie bros,it really is-) Your soul has been blessed. --- Asriel: *dead again.

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wat. -_- sorry frisk

Chara is going to get frisky 😏😏😏😎😎😎

Chara: Khe berga asriel :'v Asriel: Mwehehe os vigilo ziempre

Frans | Comic by live4love | Tumblr      AÍ MEU DEUS EU SHIPPO TANTO MDS PQ?!?!

Okay So This has officially turned me over to Undertale shipping.

Undertale by kuzukago on DeviantArt I REGRET NOTHIIIIIIIIING!!!

Even if nothing changes When he woke up, if someone is staying next to it will be very happy.。oO(I think I Inhabits something in that sheet.