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Temple time!

Obi (sash) - Two young women wearing kimonos climbing the staircase of Kiyomizu, a Buddhist temple. The obis have been tied in the common drum bow, taiko musubi.

Maiko wearing a beautiful Shibori hikizuri しぼり引きずり (Trailing Kimono) - postcard 1920s-1930s

Drape&Fold/Color/Pattern/Embellishment - Shibori Hikizuri A Maiko (Apprentice Geisha) wearing a beautiful Shibori Hikizuri (Trailing Kimono). A postcard from the late or early


Obi (sash) - Girl wearing a yukata. A striking effect is obtained by folding the reversible obi to reveal the contrasting underside.

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Japan's Nakasendo Walk... photograph by Kevin Kelly. The Nakasendo is an old road in Japan that connects Kyoto to Tokyo. It once was a major foot highway.

Japan’s Nakasendo Walk. Photography by Kevin Kelly. The Nakasendo is an old road in Japan that connects Kyoto to Tokyo - it was once a major foot highway. I want to back pack Tokyo to Kyoto make it happen!

История кимоно.  Традиционным аксессуаром к кимоно является оби – широкий и мягкий пояс, который несколько раз оборачивается вокруг тела и завязывается сзади сложным бантом. Спереди бант завязывают исключительно представительницы одной из самых древнейших профессий – дзёро.

Just wearing the traditional Japanese kimono takes dozens of steps . properly wrapping and tying obi is an art unto itself.