Baker Street fan art - Oh god, haha.

I cant get over the birthday picture with mycroft and feewdle

Who let Sherlock know about hashtags? Damnit, Lestrade, we've talked about this. #compartirvideos #love #inspirationalphrases

Why does the first selfie Sherlock takes look better than all of mine?


:O Its the sleepovers Marty. Something has to be done about the sleepovers!

No matter how much you resist it just pulls you  Until you are entirely engulfed by the darkness which somehow is very comforting  #sherlock

Hahahaha I remember that very well. I was in also in love with him before he showed up, and the when he winked.I sort of lost it. And I didn't have anyone to warn me about the wonderfulness that is Sherlock. :) <-- This happened to me as well!

Sherlock BBC: it's accurate. xD

Wonderful use of smiley faces


superwho-moose-in-skinny-jeans: So this just happened. (wonder / wander)

Juan Juan fetch me my sombrero!

((If I were male, I would use the restraining order one as a burn.))

Apply cold water to that burn

Every time I watch the pill scene in Sherlock it makes me think of Princess Bride. Knew I couldn't be the only one.

Everytime I watch the pill scene in Sherlock it makes me think of The Princess Bride. I yelled at Sherlock "He's spent years building an immunity!" < this person is awesome, I thought the same thing

This would explain my reaction...this is exactly what I would do @Della Chan Harmison

England meets the Doctor - England, you absolute fanboy

I can't read, Sherlock

"What the heck? Of course John can read!" <--- this is kidlock, John doesn't have to know how to read because for all we know they could very well be 4 years old. Which makes it ten times cuter if you think about John and Sherlock at four years old

I still haven't watched the last episode of season did Moriarty survive? That's a rhetorical question btw. DON'T SPOIL ANYTHING!!!

Moriarty's poem to Sherlock Holmes. The sound I made after reading this was not human, this is such a nice, neat poem.

But there’s no denying it was a damn emotional rollercoaster up until the very last second… | The “Sherlock” Season 3 Finale Caused Tumblr To Self-Destruct

But there& no denying it was a damn emotional rollercoaster up until the very last second.

No words can express how much i laughed about Sherlock being afraid of spiders.

The most awesome images on the Internet

Come here, Watson. I need you. I hate spiders, too!

the look on sherlocks face at the end XD

The sad thing is, it sounds like something he'd actually say. Don't worry Molly, Sherlock can handle making more cadavers in his own. I love this show can't wait for

"I'm in shock. Look-I've got a blanket."-Sherlock | The Best Quotes From BBC's "Sherlock"

The Best Quotes From BBC's "Sherlock"

Funny sherlock gifs "I'm in shock, look I've got a blanket!