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Perfect - okay, now i need to rewatch all of these because i can still remember that random one-episode old man's voice AHHH

The Legend of Korra/ Avatar the Last Airbender

Each and every time I see this, I absolutely love this. It makes my heart happy! as well as Mako from Korra? Made me so happy! Friendships can last more than one lifetime!

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Kodak is a great example for us in the se se that we must always remember the initial joy that made us do what we do

Fridge Brilliance

I love when shows have these little details that they include over long periods of time. --- Yep, no bathrooms in the spirit world.


All true except the Zutara thing. Though I am Zutara the rest is Kataang


This is when Zuko hit the turtle duck, because that is what Azula taught him…

OMG! I never thought of it like that!! :O

Sokka ultimately losing it to save Suki and the others could be symbolic of him letting go of his attachments to Yue?

Avatar: The Last Airbender His secret is similar to the Hulks...

Think back to that moment in the Northern Water Tribe: Katara: "Aang can have someone to practice with, and i get to learn waterbending." Sokka: "I'm not happy." Katara: "You're never happy." Zuko and Sokka should be great friends