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'The Originals': 18 Shocking Moments from 'The River in Reverse' - Tyler Allies Himself with Marcel and His Vampires to Kill Klaus' Baby to Prevent More Hybrids

Check out the shocking The Originals moments from "The River in Reverse." The war was waged and Klaus won, but what has he lost in exchange?

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The Vampire Diaries returns this week to teach us more about why love sucks, work is bloody awful, and what to do when you& friend& being a total witch.

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I’ll never forget this.

He's in shock

The Vampire Diaries. When Jeremy shot him and it skipped to a commercial I cried because I'm that attached to his character.

H cares more about Jeremy and Elena's happiness and safety than his own life

I got: Caroline Forbes ! Which Vampire Diaries Girl Are You? Steadfast and organized, you know what is up. You never betray your friends, but you are not afraid to tell them when they are wrong. You need to be careful to control your judgement issues.. You are bubbly and beautiful, and slightly controlling, but deep down everyone loves you! Keep being you!

Which Vampire Diaries Girl Are You?

((Open rp)) I sit at a round table, sketching wide maps for my own reference." I ask, my eyes not leaving the work.

you cant mistake the love in their eyes

Elena: that dance they did today.It kinda reminded me of when we. Damon: of when we danced together?