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Bean SidheThe Irish Banshee, the female who wails before the death of members of certain ancient aristocratic Irish families.If the sound of several Banshees is hard simultaneously, the soul of a great of holy person is passing over.

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Banshee (properly spelled "bean-sidhe"). She is the Death Fairy, a sort of Celtic Grim Reaper. If you hear her wailing, you are in serious trouble.

The Banshee is a type of faerie ghost that is found in both Irish and Scottish folklore. According to legend, she lets out an ear-piercing.


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'Prometheus Brings Fire' by Heinrich Friedrich Füger. Prometheus brings fire to mankind as told by Hesiod, with its having been hidden as revenge for the trick at Mecone. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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In legend, a banshee is a fairy woman who begins to wail if someone is about to die. In Scottish Gaelic mythology, she is known as the bean sìth or bean nighe and is seen washing the bloodstained clothes or armour of those who are about to die.

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Fantasy illustration - “I knew what it was to yearn for a life so distant it seemed that it had never been anything more than a dream.” ~Alice Hoffman, The Dovekeepers

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I love the idea of a hauntingly beautiful female spirit keening an ominious warning outside the home of someone who is near death, which is why I made a banshee my protagonist in After the Gloaming.