l e o ♥ d i c a p r i o

Leonardo DiCaprio - American actor and film producer Famous for The Revenant and Titanic Birth date: November 1974

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Teddy Bear Hugging Leo | The 28 Different Types Of Leonardo DiCaprio

OMG everything in this is so true I remember wen i first saw Leo when i was like 10 and my friends older sister had a poster of him from Titanic. Every girl has had a Leo crush at some point.

Come on now... AND they got even better with age... Johnny and Leo

Johnny Depp & Leonardo DiCaprio this is tooooo much gorgeousness in one picture Johnny Depp looks like justin Bieber in this pic tho don't u rhonk

leonardo dicaprio | Leonardo DiCaprio - foto pubblicata da marivy12 - Leonardo DiCaprio ...

Leonardo DiCaprio - l'album del fan club

Young Leonardo DiCaprio being suave

Young Leonardo DiCaprio being suave