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Book Harry had so much sass!

too true. He was so more sassy in the books! In the Half-Blood Prince movie, when he drank the elixir, that's how I pictured him all the time. With sass and funny side commentary. He had loads of it in the book.

O.O by George she's trolled us again! Good ol J.K.!!!!

O by George she's trolled us again! Good ol J.

Vaulting, Harry Potter


Ron, Year "You have got to start standing up to people, Neville." Neville, Year 7 killing Nagini and fighting Voldemort. "By 'people,' I guess Neville thought Ron meant the Dark Lord." "Go big or go home.

I usually hate everything to do with Twilight, but I absolutely LOVE the fact that Robert Patterson does, too!!!!!

Well I actually somewhat enjoy twilight as a guilty pleasure of sorts. I totally understand that it is anti feminist and that Harry Potter- and many other books- are many times better. But it can be somewhat enjoyable as a mindless read.

I love that

this person has done a wonderful job at keepin Rubert in his harry potter role


Riddle of the day Who was the murderer? Well the maid said she was getting the post but it was Sunday It was the maid! There's no mail on Sunday

Fred and George and James and Oliver. I definitely teared up reading this.

Fred and George , James and Oliver. Sitting here, crying magical tears o-o

The pun is strong with this one.

A scene deleted from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. But I really wish this scene was in the movie And what a beautiful pun

Fred and George

They were much more than just pranksters. Yes, they loved the jokes and the laughs, and sometimes at other peoples' expense, but they were never cruel, and they never wanted to hurt people just to see them hurt. And they were amazing big brothers.

Obviously never been in the restricted section...

Really, Muggles these days.<<Also, haven't you ever yelled at a book before? Even if the book isn't from the Restricted Section, I make a lot of noise while reading an intense book