Century Wedding dresses ~~ Really? These are wedding dresses? I can't help but wonder.white wasn't really popular until the Victorian era. Are these, perhaps, just white court dresses?

Abito metà 800

Period Garment: Dress - 186061 - French (click through for more images, including detail shots)

Costume medievale "Donna di città" XIV - XV secolo

Medieval costume set: chemise, surco and ladies hat. Best Sellers for sale :: by medieval store ArmStreet

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That lace edged collar is beyond gorgeou. (And of course, I would have to "close the gap" on the GIRLS.-) But I do like the flange-type shoulders, beading/belt and peplum of the bodice quite a lot.

Forum Le Perle Del Cuore

George Jay Gould with her maid. Even the servants of the day seemed to take care and time with their own hair. How did they find the time? --> I love the servants hair!

La lettera scarlatta

Costume for Demi Moore in "The Scarlet Letter", 1995 made at Tirelli Costumi Rome, Italy