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Thespian hoplite, 75mm, Romeo Models.

Hello friends, I want show my last figure : Thespian Hoplite, Romeo Models.


Athenian Officer century BCE) - Athenian helmet with chequered crest and horse hair plume - Leather, bronze and linen cuirass - Hoplon shield with Gorgo - Bronze greaves - Phalanx spear - Short broad sword Drawing by C.Giannopoulos for Periskopio Editions

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Thespian hoplite

Thespian hoplite by Dimitris Gallikas · Putty&Paint

Guerriero miceneo

Mycenaean warrior in "Dendra" armour boars tusk helmet and cow hide figure eight shield - art by Christian Jégou

- Guerrero Lacedemoniota . Lacedemón ( Nombre correcto del estado espartano ) Grecia . Siglo lV a.C.

KRATOS Illustration of a Lacedaemonian / Spartan hoplite officer. The shield and kilt (can we just call them skirts? Another author unknown (come on Pinners!

Peter Connolly's illustration of the Mycenaean and Trojan Heroes of the Iliad.

The Characters and Heroes of the Trojan War by Peter Connolly as described by Homer.

Amazing Objects

Collection Of Historical Artifacts

Amazing Objects~~~the most fascinating to me is the folding fork, knife, spoon thing!

Боевой слон армии Тамерлана. Ангорская битва, 1402.  РВ525, М1:30.

Tamerlane's Battle Elephants- Battle of Angora, 1402 (Sculptor- Polskiy Mihail & Artist- Samsonov Marina)