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I found this pic from my computer, I don't remember when I had started drawing this, but I decided to finish it now c: Based on my AU, where 2P hires (see, forces) Springtrap to be his wingman, and...

TNE: Nightmare Unleashed- by BakuKuraRa on DeviantArt

Some of the FNaF animatronics

Drawing © Me FNaF © Scott Cawthon/Games<<<<little to much shade on toy Bonnie's eyes I think their looking down at Chica's butt /or/ her lower back.

Doll: MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE!!!!!! .... -gets on hands and knees and cries next to Mike-

Even Trump is offended by this

I like Merida, but this is basically...yeah xD

I honestly love Merida and all, but why was she picked for The Big Four?>> I honestly despise Merida.

[A tale of Blood mixed to Tears] Tale 1 - W.I.P by DesignSpry on DeviantArt

I'm so proud, you have no idea QuQ Lyric of the son: A FNAF song [Wrote by me] Comic: DesignSpry Song/Poetry: DesignSp. [A tale of Blood mixed to Tears] Tale 1 - W.