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Gustave Clarence Rodolphe Boulanger:A Performance of 'The Fluteplayer' in the 'Roman' house of Prince Napoleon III, 1861

fragmento de La Gran Tenochtitlán, 1945

Rivera's mural of an Aztec marketplace showcasing class struggle in Aztec society.

Roleplaying games never go the way you expect, which is the entire point. Predictable campaigns are boring campaigns. Players are smart, and they need room to experiment. When things veer into strange territory, you get ...

Six Strange Stories From My Gaming Table

An Art Lover (1868) by Lawrence Alma-Tadema (Yale University Art Gallery New Haven, Connecticut)

Lawrence Alma-Tadema (Dutch painter) 1836 - 1912 Een Romeinse kunstliefhebber (A Roman Art Lover), 1868 Opus oil on wood x 80 cm.

Luigi Bazzani (1836-1927) Vita a Pompei.

File:Luigi Bazzani Picking flowers from the courtyard.

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Marie Spartali Stillman (British painter) 1844 - 1927 Love's Messenger, ca.

Londinium c. 200 AD ~ The early settlement became a trading port. The Roman historian Tacitus described the city as ‘packed with traders.’ a thriving city with a great bridge over the Thames (near the present London Bridge), a forum (market place), a vast basilica (town hall), an amphitheater, public baths and walled fort surrounded by a great defensive wall.

Londinium c. 200 AD ~ The early settlement became a trading port. The Roman…

Bulleid, George Lawrence (b,1858)- Songbirds, 1896

Painter, in oil and watercolour, of figure and mythological subjects and still-life. Born at Glastonbury, son of a local solicitor.

Лунатик, 1878   Maxmilian Pirner (1854–1924)

Sleepwalker by Maxmilian Pirner This is one of my favourite paintings. I’ve discovered Maxmilian Pirner when I was writting an essay for my art history lecture and I just fell in love with his paintings.

The Oracle at Delphi

The Priestess of Delphi - Tales of the Ancient Greeks

peasants 1625

"Hendrik Maartensz Rokes,An interior scene with two peasants eating"